Why Should I Consider Buying at Auction?

Properties sold at public auctions currently have some of the greatest profit potential in the real estate market. The number of homes and properties and foreclosures currently on the market is steadily increasing, so the time to take advantage of all of the deals that are available is now.

Before even considering bidding on a property, there are a few things to consider in order to insure the success of the deal. Attending several auctions even if you do not plan to bid on a property, is always a good idea. Familiarize yourself with the whole process and mingle with the other attendees. Not only are auctions a good way to see what is on the market, they are also a good place to network and connect with real estate professionals and others interested in real estate.

Once you have a clear understanding of what the auctioning process entails, it is important to do your homework. Researching the property is key. Make sure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Know who has the title to the property as well financing that is already in place and any liens or encumbrances that are attached to the property. By finding out this relevant information, you can avoid any potential pitfalls and problems.

It is also beneficial that you realize that you are not dealing with the homeowner of the property. This translates to the either a lender, a mortgage company, a bank, or another corporations that has claimed ownership of the property is probably not emotionally attached to the property. They have the right idea. An investor should also avoid an emotionally attachment to any property he/she is attempting to bid on. Whether you are planning to keep it, flip it to another investor, or sell it, it makes more sense to just simply consider the property as another potential option for profit.

In addition to the many advantages, such as higher profit margins in a short period of time, an investor should also consider the risks involved. Disadvantages to buying a property at auction is not without its share of limitations and requirements. Deals are typically closed on an all cash basis which means that there is a lot of money necessary up front. Also, most of these homes are sold “as is” and investors that have not had the property properly inspected are at a definite disadvantage. Always have the property viewed and checked prior to bidding on it.

Evaluate, the time, effort, and sweat equity you are willing to put into the house. If a house is in a good location but needs a lot of work, it still may prove to be profitable. Most properties that are structurally sound and do not have costly issues with plumbing and electrical, may still prove to be profitable.

It is also a good idea to know if the property is vacant or currently occupied. Dealing with the eviction process is never easy and if can be avoided, that is a definite plus. In addition, it is important to note whether or not current tenants are a part of the package. Some purchase agreements require the maintenance of current tenants. So although, this situation may not be problematic, especially if a buyer is planning to rent the home, it does offer some limitations that may be avoided if this contingency did not exist. Spending some time doing your homework will lead to less potential headaches and unforeseen problematic situation.

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eBay For Fun and Profit – Buying, Selling, and Profiting on eBay


Imagine if you want to sell your old bike, and you put a classified ad in your local newspaper. It could be seen by many people, but putting that same bike on eBay would expose it to several million people searching for products on eBay everyday. eBay has built the largest person-to-person trading community on earth, using the Internet. eBay helps buyers and sellers come together in two main ways. Several sellers offer merchandise at a fixed price model “Buy It Now.” They are akin to traditional shopping mall retailers. This model accounted for almost thirty percent of eBay sales during the financial year of 2006. But most sellers prefer to use eBay’s auction engine. Auctions have been eBay’s long-term focus and success recipe.

Most auctions start with a minimum listed price and a fixed length of time (usually few weeks) over which the seller will accept bids. They typically follow a “second-price” a.k.a. the highest bidder wins but pays the price offered by the second highest bidder. These types of auction provide lots of information to buyers and sellers, and they are transparent. In practice, if not in theory, it tends to avoid the winner’s curse, which arises when the high bid is based on over-estimation of an item’s value, since the winner pays only the second-highest bid. Sellers can also opt to fix a reserve price at which they can refuse to sell the item. This price is higher than the minimum offered price; the fact that there is a reserve is disclosed to bidders, but in true auction spirit, the amount isn’t, making the pursuit all the more interesting.

However, hours of searching and evaluating auction pages can send your head spinning like the special effects in movie: Spiderman III. The question most people ask is, “Once I have homed in on two or three possibilities out of five gazillion auctions, how do I find them again? Sweat not. To keep you organized, eBay creates a personal page for you and you alone. Your “My eBay” pages highlights stuff you are bidding on, auctions where you have been outbid, and auctions you have won and have to pay for. With My eBay you can manage buying, selling, your favorites, and much more. You can access this section from any eBay page by clicking the “My eBay” link on the top navigation bar. The section actually offers several different pages, which you access by clicking the appropriate links contained in the navigation menu along the left side of the page.


Profitability from eBay auctions will come from consistent application the perennial mantra, buy low and sell high. Find sources of merchandise at the lowest possible prices and then sell those products at top dollar. Pay extensive attention to mixed lot auctions by eBay Power Sellers. Smart “eBayers” scour listings that are poorly designed and have very few or zero bids. They pick up real bargains this way and then, put up a more enticing “marketable” listing and sell those items for profit.

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10 Top Tips For Buying & Selling On Ebay !

Almost everyone now knows what eBay is. For those that don’t, it’s an online auction website that is massively popular… and still growing. It’s great for people looking to pick up a bargain as well as selling things you don’t need. It’s also great for merchants. eBay gives you the potential customers and the traffic. All you have to do is create an advertisement and sell your item. eBay charges you a nominal amount to list your item and then takes a cut if it sells. If it doesn’t sell then you can relist it again.

Here are 10 top tips you should follow when buying/selling on ebay. These are my own tips speaking from experience as a powerseller: -

1. Before buying anything expensive, check the merchants feedback. Check that they haven’t built up a feedback rating on sand by selling cheap items. Fraud is not common, but it does happen. Do some detective work before committing to buy.

2. Pay by Paypal when purchasing items. If you don’t receive your item or you have problems with the seller, you can contact paypal and launch a complaint/investigation.

3. If you have a bad experience on ebay, before jumping in and leaving negative feedback, contact your seller. Communication is everything and small misunderstandings can blow out of proportion.

4. Before listing an item for sale, check to see if the price you are trying to sell it for is realistic. eBay market is competitive so if you try and sell the really obvious, be prepared to be in competition with merchants that have massive buying power to negotiate deals.

5. If you have an item that isn’t selling, ask yourself why. Don’t keep relisting it. Check your picture, check your description, check the category it’s in and check the price you are trying to sell it for is achievable.

6. When dispatching an item to a buyer that has paid by Paypal, check to see if the address is ‘confirmed’ or ‘unconfirmed’. If it’s unconfirmed then you aren’t protected by Paypal if anything goes wrong. You could end up being faced with a reverse transaction on your hands!

7. Make sure the picture of the item you are selling does it justice. Always take a picture!

8. If you sell regularly, invite your customers to sign up for your newsletter. Let them know about new products you have for sale

9. Always inform your buyers when you have dispatched their item.

10. If you haven’t sent the item after a few days you will start getting emails asking where their item is they have paid for. Don’t get into this situation – dispatch things quickly. If you can’t do that, then let your customer know when they can expect delivery or they will start to worry.

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Good Buy Auto Auction

Good Buy Auto Auction

To this day few people know about the good buys that can be found at auto auctions. Getting a good buy at an auto auction is very simple and very real.

Car dealerships themselves go to auto auctions all the time in order to buy their vehicles, they then clean them up and sell them to the public at inflated prices, often times profiting triple or even more then what they paid.

Yet in reality anyone can attend a public auto auction and buy a car or truck for cheap. Some people even go into business for themselves and buy at auto auctions and then sell them in the local paper, profiting thousands on every vehicle.

But even if you’re not interested in going into business for yourself, buying a car for a good buy at an auto auction is easy and straightforward, and most people who attend their first auto auction get a good buy on a great vehicle, some even find themselves the exact car they want for a price much cheaper then they could have found anywhere else.

So instead of buying your next vehicle from a private party or through a used car dealership, why not check out your local auto auction and see for yourself the kind of deals that can be found there.

David Foley is the owner of Car Deals Search which is a website that helps people learn about auto auctions.

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Why Buy and Sell Auction Sports Memorabilia?

Auction sports memorabilia can generate tons of good sales when the right bidders are in place. Firstly it is a great method for you to generate funds for simply any cause you can think of. Attending auctions for lots of is a very pleasant leisure pursuit. For numerous organizations it is their only means for fund raising. It is not unusual for civic organizations in large and small communities to sponsor various groups in the community that sell auction sports memorabilia. A lot of these organizations work towards this common goal all year long because it is their major fund raiser for the year.

In the majority of the larger communities there are established auction houses that sell auction sports memorabilia as a day to day retail activity. There are many charity organizations that will be employed in addition to community-wide projects that provide auction sports memorabilia. Many those who are in high income tax brackets make use of this venue as a tax write-off for the year. When this is the goal for the donation you need documentation as to the authentic value of the item. It’s not good enough for you to just write an estimation of its value. You need documented proof in the occasion that your taxes are audited. Amid the video footage on the nightly news in the magazine headlines and the checkout aisle of the food market chain there are sufficient heroes to go around.

If you have a favorite sports hero likely you carry on with the stats and daily happenings surrounding your hero. So when you go to an auction and find an auction sports memorabilia it is now and again an even greater find than you anticipated. And it could be a much better price than any other place. But if you are the vender you may generate more for your auction sports memorabilia then you would have selling directly. A wide variety of collectors who have items to sell value more highly to sell online with eBay and other Internet auction sites. This is a great way to touch base you to the whole around the world world in your bid for the highest price potential. Auctions are especially popular in the spring and summertime. This is because of the fact that a great many auctions are held outdoors and can be cheaply shunned a great deal of overhead expenses. The mass of the facility where the auction is to be held dependents upon what type of auction and the clientele it is anticipated to draw. Auction sports memorabilia occasionally draw high prices and sometimes not.

The cost is resolute by many variables like how many bidders want an identical item, the demand and supply, the age, and the sport. As expected the sports hero is in addition a major aspect in the bidding. Some sports heroes draw more than others. But don’t count it all lost because often times you have access to a steal because your competitors are not present at the time. The gamble pays off some times at live auctions. Eventually it all boils down to who’s bidding and when. Auction sports memorabilia probably will be a haggle.

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